Our main goal is to help in various social spheres. Here you will find briefly what exactly we are doing. We are thankful to God that over the years we have formed different teams that deal with different activities. Here is one of them in brief:

  • Sunday school: I. Tsvetkova, P. Senkova, Katya, N. Dragozova, P. Teodosieva
  • SEN Club: P. Senkova, P. Teodosieva, L. Dimitrova, I. Tsvetkova, M. Dimitrova
  • Team for visits to institutions and people in need: V. Dimitrov, E. Nalbanska, I. Tsvetkova, M. Dimitrova, P. Teodosieva, S. Teodosiev, R. Peneva
  • Team for internal church activities: E. Nalbanska, E. Grigorova, M. Dimitrova, I. Tsvetkova, Veska
  • Prayer service: I. Tsvetkova, Zhenya

Young people with SEN (special education needs)

Over the years, Friendship Church Ruse has managed to build partnerships with various organizations and institutions to help children and youth with SEN. Supporting and bringing in equipment for many of these children and young people in need has gradually opened up the possibility of setting up regular meetings with young people and their parents. With the leadership of Polina Senkova and the help of the team that works with her, a group has been formed with regular meetings every 2 weeks. There, together with children and parents, we have time for songs, games, art, lessons, communication and treats.

This is an open meeting and everyone is welcome to come and be a part of these gatherings.

Admission Free.

Pastoral care

Friendship Church Ruse follows the principles and example that the Bible gives us in our attitude towards people in need and believers. We pay special attention and priority in the care we have for people. The church has a team of people who are available to anyone in need and contact us at any time.

The spiritual aspect of pastoral care is an important part of our ministry, and we care to visit the elderly and people in need, not only to support their physical needs but also to devote time and attention to reading God’s word, prayer, and counsel.

As long as we can, our team is always ready to respond and help anyone who seeks and shares how we can be useful.

Visiting institutions

Trying to be a good example and help for the society, as a church we show readiness to support and serve among the institutions in our city. We have a team that is ready to make visits, paying attention to songs, prayer and art where possible. Bringing with us not only spiritual service but also a willingness to seek and support material needs where possible.

Palliative ward

Friendship Church Ruse has provided a free water meter to the Palliative Care Department in the city of Ruse and has committed to fill it with water. Quality water is very important for patients and we recognize this need. We also offer time for visits, conversations, prayer and spiritual literature.

OCC (Operation Christmas Child)

Operation Christmas Child works in the distribution of gifts to children throughout Bulgaria. Friendship Church Ruse has been partnering with this organization for many years, distributing gifts and spiritual literature in the city of Ruse and the surrounding villages.

Friendship Church Ruse is preparing a recital with songs and games and a time when children can hear the story of Christmas. Then there is an opportunity to start lessons in Bible studies.

Everything is completely free. If you are interested or have additional questions, you can contact us.

You want to support us in prayer or help us in some way. Write us